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Oil and Gas Services


Title & Curative

  • Mineral and leasehold validation

  • Identify defects associated with lease and title

  • Affidavits of fact, heirship, etc.

  • Life Estates, Joint Tenancies, etc.

  • Mortgages, tax liens, etc.

Due Diligence

  • Accurate payment confirmation

  • Review of WI, NRI, ORRI and assignments

  • Well and production research

  • Lease provision summarization and obligation review 

  • DTO/DOTO review and curative

Right-of-Way Acquisition

  • Roadway and bridges

  • Natural gas pipelines

  • Water lines

  • Electrical lines

  • Surface use contracts  and owner compensation

Mineral & Lease Acquisition

  • Oil and gas lease negotiations

  • Conducting title research

  • Securing mineral and royalty rights 

  • Custom status reports

Land Administration

  • File Analysis

  • Data entry and software integration

  • Scanning and file digitization

  • File organization and storage

  • Maintain incoming and outgoing correspondence

  • Non-op well proposals and elections

  • Preparation of exhibits

GIS Mapping

  • Preliminary Route Maps

  • Ownership Maps

  • Legal Description Plotting

  • Survey Point Plotting

  • Custom Project Status Reports

Abstract & Title Research

  • Summarizing and extracting property records and legal documents back to sovereignty

  • Mineral and gas rights ownership reports

  • Surface ownership title reports

Surface Management

  • Surveying and permitting

  • Route selection and planning​

  • Surface damage settlements for well and pad sites

  • Well site, access roads, pipelines, and storage facilities management

“The National Landworks team is very responsive and quickly understood our objectives. They utilized their experience and knowledge to adapt to the renewables market and completed reports for large acreage positions efficiently and timely. I have the utmost confidence in their title analysis and negotiating abilities both in oil and gas and the renewables industries.”

Jen, Land Manager

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